Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo eco lodge


Murchison Falls National Park

Nestled in the heart of Budongo Central Forest Reserve, within the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park, Budongo Eco Lodge is one of the undiscovered pearls of Uganda.

Being the habitat of more than 600 chimpanzees and 8 other species of primates, Budongo Forest has one of the largest communities of chimps in the country. It is also home to rare forest bird species, such as the Puvel’s Illadopses, which is endemic to this region. Moreover, Budongo Reserve is the largest remaining Mahogany forest in East Africa, with impressive trees growing up to 80 meters. With a network of 115 km of trails, this unexplored areaoffers you great excitement and adventure!

The Kaniyo Pabidi Eco-tourism site, which was first managed by the Jane Goodall Institute, was taken over in August 2009 and changed its name to Budongo Eco Lodge under the management of Uganda Lodges. Together with the National Forest Authority (NFA) we have made it our task to develop this relatively unknown tourism site and to protect the forest reserve with its unique species of primates, birds and plants.

Budongo Eco Lodge consists of comfortable eco-cabins with private veranda, four spacious dorm rooms, a visitor’s centre and restaurant. In addition, the lodge offers many different activities in the direct surroundings, including chimp tracking, chimpanzee habituation, forest walks and bird watching. The combination of this eco-tourism facility with superb safari accommodation and a wide choice of forest activities provides a wonderful mix of relaxation and adventure, set against the unique backdrop of the untouched African nature…



Tucked away in the pristine forest, the five intimate cabins are perfectly blending with the natural environment. They are connected by well maintained walking paths and constructed with traditional materials for a low environmental impact. Each cabin has a private deck that overlooks the surrounding forest and its rich (bird)life. The rooms are spacious and bright, with large twin or double beds and a sitting area. En suite is a fully equipped bathroom with a wash table, shower and separate composting toilet.

Dormitory rooms

For larger groups, Budongo Eco Lodge offers four comfortable dormitory rooms, each with two double-deckers. The bunk beds are provided with a mosquito net. Adjacent to the dormitory rooms is a common shower and toilet block with hot and cold running water.


The restaurant is found in a beautiful natural setting and invites guests to relax and enjoy the sounds of the forest. While getting prepared for your activity, have a cold soda, hot snack or one of our delicious chocolate brownies. Taste our excellent fresh-brewed Ugandan coffee or have dinner in the warm light of the candles at night. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional and international meals that will be served outside on the terrace, while enjoying the magical forest that encloses the lodge.

Visitor’s Centre Budongo Eco Lodge Budongo Eco Lodge also makes a perfect lunch stopover when you are on your way to the northern part of the park, returning to Kampala or visiting the forest for chimp tracking, birding or any of the other activities.

Visitor’s Centre

The main reception area is located in the visitor’s centre. This area, with its large soft couches in a rustic environment, is an ideal place to relax and read a book. The visitor’s centre also displays a selection of different animal skeletons, fossils and snares that were found in the forest, used by poachers. In addition, detailed information about Budongo Forest Reserve and its habitants is provided to help its visitors to interpret the forest’s secrets and understand its complex eco-system.

Craft Shop

Adjacent to the reception area is Budongo’s Craft Shop, offering a small yet excellent selection of Uganda’s crafts and gifts. The products vary from handmade postcards and paper-beaded necklaces to guidebooks, handwoven baskets and papercraft notebooks. The handcrafts are made by local women using natural materials with simple and colourful designs.

Guest Information


  • 5 eco-cabins with private bathroom and veranda
  • 4 mixed dormitory rooms, each with 2 double-deckers and shared washing facilities


  • Outdoor restaurant
  • Visitor’s centre with craft shop
  • Lounge area
  • Parking available

Check In / Check Out Times

  • Check In: 02.00 pm
  • Check Out: 10.00 am

Dietary Requirements:

Please inform us in advance about any special dietary requirements and we will do our best to supply this.

Drinking water:

It is not recommendable to drink water from the tap. Bottled mineral water is available for sale at the visitor’s centre, as are sodas, beer, tea and coffee.

What to bring:

  • Casual light clothing (T-shirts, shorts, sleeveless blouses, jeans etc.)
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Long-sleeved sweater or jacket for the cooler evenings and mosquitoes
  • Sandals
  • Cap/hat
  • Sun lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Torch
  • Binoculars


The camp is not responsible for valuables kept in the rooms. Personal items of value can be stored at the reception in the visitor’s centre.

Power supply:

The main lodge and rooms are equipped with solar powered electricity. However, due to the environment, the solar system may not charge as expected. In this case kerosene lanterns are provided at the reception. We kindly request you to use the power in an eco-responsible way and turn off the lights when leaving the room.


Cameras and mobiles can be charged at the reception in the visitor’s centre.

House keeping:

As part of our services, your room will be cleaned every day. For conservation purposes, bed sheets and towels are only changed upon request. If you would like to receive fresh towels, please leave the used ones on the bathroom floor.

Environmental commitment:

We seek to minimize the impact on the environment. Nothing is left in the nature other than our footprints. Nothing is taken from the nature other than memories. Even in a rainforest, water is a precious commodity, so please use water sparingly. We kindly ask you for your support by respecting our valued guidelines.

Community tourism:

The local community is greatly involved in the running of the lodge, including employment, the sale of handcrafts and the provision of fresh vegetables and fruits from their gardens.

Further enquiries:

Feel free to contact us for any additionally required information.


Budongo Forest Reserve is an area with an enormous diversity in flora and fauna. Thanks to the extended and well maintained network of forest trails, it is possible to explore the dense forest with its beautiful biodiversity in different ways.

Enjoy a guided primate walk in the lush expenses of the tropical forest, in search of the habituated chimpanzee family. Your guide will explain you more about the animals and plants species that you encounter on your way. Also look out for other primates like the Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys, Red-tailed Monkeys, different type of birds, tracks of mammals and much more. Chimp tracking can be experienced daily with two viewing times per day. The hike takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the movement of the chimpanzees. Once the chimps are found you will stay for one hour with these amazing creatures to watch them eating, resting and playing.

With the Habituation Experience you will spend an entire day with our ‘cousins’ and learn about their way of life. Chimpanzee Habituation in Budongo Forest started in 1992 with the aim to habituate the chimpanzees to human presence, without necessarily altering their natural behaviour. This is a long process and it can take up to 15 years to fully habituate a chimpanzee community. The Habituation Experience offers you the unique experience to join the professional guides on their daily program and follow the chimps during their activities. Since you will be out in the forest from the early morning till the end of the day, a packed lunch can be provided by the lodge.(not available during peak season months July, August and September)

Budongo Forest is truly a paradise for birders with 360 species of birds. Accompanied by a guide you will follow the trails and look out for different types of birds. Bird watching safaris are available for a half or full day and guided by keen birders. If you have more than one day in Budongo then a visit to the ‘Royal Mile’ is a must. It is located about 60 km from Budongo Eco Lodge and offers a spectacular wide forest avenue with a high density of birds, including the Chocolate-backed Kingfisher and Paradise Flycatcher.

Well developed forest trails give you the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest. Learn more about the eco-system, pass the old Mahogany trees and encounter different species of butterflies on your path. As the terrain is flat, the forest walks are suitable for the average tourist.

Since Budongo Forest is located in Murchison Falls National Park you can easily combine your visit to the magical forest with wildlife viewing in the northern part of the national park. Cross the river Nile and follow the winding tracks in search of giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and lions. Thanks to the palm-dotted hills, vast savannah plains and beautiful Delta area this is one of the most scenic and best places for encounters with the wild animals of Uganda. In addition, you can make a boat safari on the Nile or visit the magnificent Murchison Falls to enhance your wildlife experience even more.

Activities can be booked directly via the ugandalodges.com website.


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For more information on the Murchison Falls National Park, download the official park brochure from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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