Great Lakes Safaris Foundation

Great Lakes Safaris Foundation

The Great Lakes Safaris Foundation (GLSF) was set up by founder Amos Wekesa, a born and bred Ugandan, and his wife Amy with the purpose of helping and inspiring Ugandans living close to wildlife areas to better their lives through tourism. The foundation will partner with these local communities to support programs that focus on education, conservation, and community empowerment.

By directly linking with tourism, we hope to encourage communities to learn to positively value wildlife and nature as resources for improving their own wellbeing and achieve long term conservation in the process.

Amos Wekesa

The foundation will be funded through a conservation and community levy on safaris and through bed night contributions from Great Lakes owned lodges in Kibale, Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park and Elephant Plains Lodge in Queen Elizabeth national park.

We intend to assess and identify the needs, skills and resources required and work side by side with the communities to help them improve their livelihood.

Amy Wekesa

Donations are welcome and can be made via the foundation’s website.