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Visa Fees and Applications For East Africa

Uganda Visa: Single entry visas costs US $50 per person. Can be purchased directly upon arrival in cash.

Rwanda Visa: Single entry visa costs US $50 per person. Visas have to be applied for online via the Rwanda Immigration website. A copy of the approved application has to be presented at the entry point where the visa will then be issued and paid for. Kindly note that citizens from the following countries are required to pay visa fees but are allowed to obtain their visa upon arrival without prior online application: Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA.

Kenya Visa: Single entry visa costs US $50 per person. Visas have to be applied and paid for online via the eCitizen portal, and present a copy of their eVisa upon immigration. From 1st July until 31st August it will still be possible to obtain your visa directly at the border, without an online application. However, effective 1st September 2015 all visitors to Kenya will be required to apply and pay for the visa online. Please remember that the visa process may take one full week.

East African Tourist Visa: If you are planning to combine Uganda with a visit to Rwanda and/or Kenya it is recommendable to request for the East African Tourist Visa. This special tourist visa costs US $100 per person and allows 90 days multiple entry to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Regretfully, Tanzania is not (yet) a member of the East African community and therefore not part of this arrangement.

How to obtain the East African Tourist Visa:

Similar to the application for the single entry visa but make sure to select the East African Tourist Visa.