Learn a bit more about our founder and CEO Amos Wekesa when we ask him his favourite things ….

Amos Wekesa, founder and CEO of Great Lakes Safaris
Amos in the gardens of the Great Lakes Safaris office

Favourite Place in Africa

Murchison Falls National Park

I have been lucky to travel across most of Africa and I do like areas of north Kenya but my favourite place is Murchison Falls National Park right here in my home country of Uganda. I make sure I visit as often as I can. Its such a unique and diverse park. It has savannah grasslands, the River Nile cutting through the park, the most powerful waterfall on earth and tropical rainforests all in one park. The variety of wildlife, primates and birdlife is exquisite. In the 1960’s it was one of Africa’s best wildlife parks. I try to encourage anyone who visits Uganda to spend at least 4 nights here to have the full experience. I especially love the 45-minute climb to the top of the falls, you can get very close and feel the power of the mighty river nile gushing through a canyon its truly my favourite place in the world.

Favourite African Recipe

The ‘Rolex’ Ugandan Street food

I love simple Ugandan food and for lunch a Rolex hits the spot. It is a classic Ugandan street food that you can buy everywhere in Uganda. It is made from eggs cooked with cabbage, onion, tomato, and sometimes peppers, which is then wrapped in chapati flat bread. It is made fresh in front of you and is nutritious, filling, and cheap, 3 would cost just USD $1. The name came from “Rolled Eggs” which sounded more like “Rolex” to visitors which gradually stuck.

Favourite African Animal

I have two favourites that I just can’t choose between. I love the African Elephant and the Chimpanzee. The elephants’ sheer size is magnificent, its truly iconic of Africa. I am amazed by its incredible memory, their ability to recognise herds and remember sources of food and water from decades ago. They display compassion and empathy for each other. Much like my other favourite animal the chimpanzee. Like the elephant they are extremely intelligent. Chimpanzees split into groups to feed so they don’t compete for food like other animals. They also use tools to help them get food. I prefer them to the famous gorillas that many people come to Uganda to see. Gorillas are lazy giants but chimpanzees are strong and agile and they communicate using many different calls and facial expressions, I could (and often do) watch them all day.

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